Welcome to English Online Academy’s Onsite Courses Page

English Online Academy is currently focusing efforts in online education via online courses, online English tutoring, and sharing educational activities and resources through the English Online Academy Facebook Page and English Online Academy Facebook Group.

We are planning on offering onsite educational opportunities in Southern California and across the world in the near to distant future:
1. We plan to offer accelerated workshops for English Learners in Southern California for local and international students who plan to travel to California and wish to improve their English skills.
2. We plan to travel to different countries of the world that are best represented by members of our English Online Academy Facebook Page and offer 3-day, and 5-day accelerated workshops in English comprehension and communication skills. You’re invited to access our latest lists of English Online Academy Facebook Page member demographics.
3. We plan on opening an international boarding school in the USA for English Learners who wish to prepare for entrance into an American university, or to improve English comprehension and communication skills for work or personal needs.

For more information and to discuss potential collaboration in making any of the above plans become reality, you’re invited to contact us.