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Welcome to English Online Academy’s Music for English Learners Page

Music is loved by everybody. You don’t have to speak any language to enjoy it.
If you want to learn a language faster, your brain needs to enjoy it. If you are negative and complain that English is too hard, your brain will “hear” you and it will become more difficult for you to learn.

Learning English with music is both enjoyable and possible. Yes, you can improve your English comprehension and pronunciation when you sing along with songs you enjoy along with English lyrics.

You can improve your English comprehension when you sing along with music videos with English lyrics when you think about what the song is about. Actively read the lyrics and try to understand them. Ask yourself if the song topic relates to something you feel or think about. Think about personal experiences or emotions that relate to your song.

When you sing along with songs with English lyrics you can improve both your pronunciation as well as your courage of speaking English in public. Listen to the way the singer pronounces words in English and try to sing along and pronounce the same way. It’s not scary to sing songs when you have English lyrics right in front of you. Start by singing alone, then sing for your family, and friends. This way, you’ll not only find English pronunciation to be enjoyable, but you will practice and improve the way you sound out words in the English language.

We offer several English learning online resources for you to improve your English pronunciation and comprehension through English lyrics:

  1. We regularly share many American and international music videos with English lyrics via our Karaoke for English Learners category on our English Online Academy website. When you find a song you would like to hear, click on the title so that you can go to that specific post. You can listen and sing along with music videos in English, as well as leave constructive comments, sharing your insights and communicating with other English Learners about songs you enjoy.

  2. You can search for music videos with English lyrics via the Music Videos with Lyrics channel of our Sersea Videos Website, which contains a variety of YouTube videos organized by various categories.

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