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English Dictation Practice

Do you wish to improve your English skills? Grab a pen, and write down what you hear in our dictation exercises so that you can improve both your comprehension and communication skills.

Each of our English Dictation Practice activities include:
— audio recording in clear American English from an American teacher
— 10-sentences of varying lengths
— one specific topic per activity
— link to answer key with correctly written sentences and additional audio recording
— step-by-step directions on how to complete the activity

Here’s a current list of our dictation activities created by the founder of English Online Academy, Mr. I.E. Sersea, aka MaestroSersea:

  1. English Dictation Practice #1 – “I Love Music”
  2. English Dictation Practice #2 – “At the Doctor”
  3. English Dictation Practice #3 – Transportation

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