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Welcome to English Online Academy’s American English Idioms Page

International English Learners often face great difficulty in understanding spoken and written English because of the prevalent use of American English idioms. Although American English idioms are informal in nature, they are often used by fluent speakers and writers of English who wish to help their audiences connect better with what they’re communicating.

You can understand American English much better when you become familiar and regularly use American English idioms in your speaking and writing. Here at English Online Academy we are well-aware of the importance of American English Idioms and have researched and shared numerous educational resources to help you.

Here’s an example of one of our posts that centers around an idiom that is highly relevant to the success of learning and using English well:
American English Idioms: No Pain, No Gain

You can access many more idioms when you visit our category, and click on individual posts to read, listen, watch, and discuss them. Please visit:
— American English Idioms Category

Are there any American English idioms that you can’t find here and wish to do further research? Use our educational search engine for English Learners and find what you’re looking for:

We invite you to share with us which American English idioms you’ve learned here and share your constructive comments by replying below:

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