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Welcome to English Online Academy’s Agriculture for English Learners Page

Learners of English who are interested in agriculture can find numerous agriculture related posts that they can read, watch, and discuss on our English Online Academy website.

Studies show that English Learners who read, watch, listen to, and write about topics they care about, and do so in the English language, they’re more likely to accelerate their comprehension and communication skills in English.

Are you studying the subject of agriculture at school, or are you simply passionate about agriculture? Here’s just one of our agriculture-related posts:
— Learn English Through Agriculture News Videos – Program 1

There are many posts about Agriculture on our English Online Academy website, and we invite you to visit our posts category for a complete list:
Learn English Through Agriculture News Videos
We suggest you click on each post title to go directly to that post, read the text, watch and listen to the video, and then add a constructive comment and interact with others who have posted comments.

We will continue to share educational posts for English Learners on the topic of agriculture so check back again for more resources.

We also encourage you to research the internet on the topic of agriculture via our educational internet search engine:

Are you benefiting from the posts on Agriculture we share here? Let us know your constructive thoughts by adding a comment below:

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