Now you can check your English listening and writing accuracy. Check your answers for English Dictation Practice #3 – “Transportation” with the answer key below. You’re also encouraged to listen to the audio recording: English Dictation Practice Review #3 – “Transportation” shared below.

This English Dictation Practice is actually more difficult than the previous activities because the sentences are longer:
— Average of 16 words per sentence.
— The shortest sentence is 10 words.
— The longest sentence is 24 words.
(Remember, students in American high-schools are asked to write sentences that are an average of 10 words or more.)

English Dictation Practice Exercise #3: Transportation

  1. Driving your car to and from work during traffic time is quite stressful. (13 words)
  2. It costs a lot of money to own and maintain a car. (12 words)
  3. Some people prefer to spend more money on a luxury car. (11 words)
  4. Some people prefer economy cars because they cost less to own and maintain. (13 words)
  5. Many people take the train for short and long distances. (10 words)
  6. People who don’t own cars often take public transportation to go to work and do their shopping. (17 words)
  7. Traveling by bus can be quite comfortable when you can find a seat and it’s not crowded. (17 words)
  8. A few lucky people live close to work and school, so they don’t need to drive or use public transportation. (20 words)
  9. Some people who live on islands or near rivers and lakes have to take a ferry to get to work. (20 words)
  10. When you ride your bicycle to do your shopping and go to work, you help solve the pollution problem and help improve your health. (24 words)

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