Now you can check your English listening and writing accuracy. Check your answers for English Dictation Practice #2 – “At the Doctor” with the answer key below. You’re also encouraged to listen to the audio recording: English Dictation Practice Review #2 – “At the Doctor” shared below.

Dictation Practice Exercise #2: At the Doctor

  1. The doctor will see you now. (6 words)
  2. When I feel sick, I don’t want to go to work. (11 words)
  3. If you don’t feel well, you need to take care of yourself. (12 words)
  4. How often do you get sick? (6 words)
  5. Some people only go see a doctor when they’re sick. (10 words)
  6. It’s important to schedule regular medical check-ups. (7 words)
  7. You can prevent illness by eating healthy foods often and exercising regularly. (12 words)
  8. It’s important to follow the doctor’s orders. (7 words)
  9. Doctors prescribe medicine to patients who are sick. (8 words)
  10. If you get a prescription from your doctor, you need to take it to the pharmacist to get the medicine that you need. (23 words)

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