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Education News for English Learners – Program 4

Experts Suggest Ways to Help International Students Make Friends With American Students

Do you believe it’s easier for foreign students to accommodate to American education by making friends with American students? Watch the video above and share which of the listed activities are more likely to help foreign students make closer connections with American students.

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  1. Profile photo of admin admin says:

    English Vocabulary:

    make compatible with; “The scientists had to accommodate the new results with the existing theories”
    provide with something desired or needed; “Can you accommodate me with a rental car?”
    have room for; hold without crowding; “This hotel can accommodate 250 guests”; “The theater admits 300 people”; “The auditorium can”t hold more than 500 people”
    make fit for, or change to suit a new purpose; “Adapt our native cuisine to the available food resources of the new country”
    provide a service or favor for someone; “We had to oblige him”
    provide housing for; “We are lodging three foreign students this semester”
    be agreeable or acceptable to; “This suits my needs”

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