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Medical News for English Learners – Program 20

World Health Officials Consider New Tobacco Control Measures

Do you agree that cigarette companies’ promotion to teenagers needs to stop? What about cigarette advertisements geared for adults – should that continue? Should governments have a say into how a cigarette company promotes cigarette smoking? Share your views with us.

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    English Vocabulary:

    leaves of the tobacco plant dried and prepared for smoking or ingestion
    aromatic annual or perennial herbs and shrubs

    the activity of managing or exerting control over something; “the control of the mob by the police was admirable”
    lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits; “moderate your alcohol intake”; “hold your tongue”; “hold your temper”; “control your anger”
    exercise authoritative control or power over; “control the budget”; “Command the military forces”
    verify by using a duplicate register for comparison; “control an account”
    a relation of constraint of one entity (thing or person or group) by another; “measures for the control of disease”; “they instituted controls over drinking on campus”
    a spiritual agency that is assumed to assist the medium during a seance
    the economic policy of controlling or limiting or curbing prices or wages etc.; “they wanted to repeal all the legislation that imposed economic controls”
    verify or regulate by conducting a parallel experiment or comparing with another standard, of scientific experiments; “Are you controlling for the temperature?”
    (physiology) regulation or maintenance of a function or action or reflex etc; “the timing and control of his movements were unimpaired”; “he had lost control of his sphincters”
    power to direct or determine; “under control”
    a mechanism that controls the operation of a machine; “the speed control on his turntable was not working properly”; “I turned the controls over to her”
    handle and cause to function; “do not operate machinery after imbibing alcohol”; “control the lever”
    discipline in personal and social activities; “he was a model of polite restraint”; “she never lost control of herself”
    have a firm understanding or knowledge of; be on top of; “Do you control these data?”
    great skillfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity; “a good command of French”
    a standard against which other conditions can be compared in a scientific experiment; “the control condition was inappropriate for the conclusions he wished to draw”
    control (others or oneself) or influence skillfully, usually to one”s advantage; “She manipulates her boss”; “She is a very controlling mother and doesn”t let her children grow up”; “The teacher knew how to keep the class in line”; “she keeps in line”
    be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something; “He verified that the valves were closed”; “See that the curtains are closed”; “control the quality of the product”
    the state that exists when one person or group has power over another; “her apparent dominance of her husband was really her attempt to make him pay attention to her”

    how much there is of something that you can quantify
    place a value on; judge the worth of something; “I will have the family jewels appraised by a professional”
    determine the measurements of something or somebody, take measurements of; “Measure the length of the wall”
    have certain dimensions; “This table surfaces measures 20inches by 36 inches”
    musical notation for a repeating pattern of musical beats; “the orchestra omitted the last twelve bars of the song”
    any maneuver made as part of progress toward a goal; “the situation called for strong measures”; “the police took steps to reduce crime”
    a statute in draft before it becomes law; “they held a public hearing on the bill”
    measuring instrument having a sequence of marks at regular intervals; used as a reference in making measurements
    express as a number or measure or quantity; “Can you quantify your results?”
    a basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated; “they set the measure for all subsequent work”
    the act or process of measuring; “the measurements were carefully done”; “his mental measurings proved remarkably accurate”
    (prosody) the accent in a metrical foot of verse

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