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Medical News for English Learners – Program 7

Eating White Rice Increases Risk of Diabetes

Many people prefer eating white rice over brown rice. After watching this video, you are likely to understand how white rice is less healthy than the nutritious brown rice. Would you rather risk developing Type 2 Diabetes and continue eating white rice, or would you switch to the nutritious brown rice? Share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Profile photo of admin admin says:

    English Vocabulary:

    any of several metabolic disorders marked by excessive urination and persistent thirs

    grains used as food either unpolished or more often polished
    United States playwright (1892-1967)
    English lyricist who frequently worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber (born in 1944)
    annual or perennial rhizomatous marsh grasses; seed used for food; straw used for paper
    sieve so that it becomes the consistency of rice; “rice the potatoes”

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