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English Activities

American English Vocabulary / American English Idioms: BELITTLE

You may be wondering about the history and meaning behind the word “belittle”.  Today’s educational program from VOA Special English helps you understand the meaning and background of the English term “belittle”:

Click here: English Vocabulary: BELITTLE

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Karaoke for English Learners – Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World”

When you sing along with a song with English lyrics, you improve your English pronunciation as well as your confidence of speaking English in public. Don’t be afraid of improving your English! Have fun and sing along with this song:

Click here: Michael Jackson – Heal the World

Audio Recording: Making Education in the USA More Competitive

Listen to this 2011 audio program in American English about President Obama’s emphasis on the need for the United States of America to have a more competitive global educational system.

Click here: Making Education in the USA More Competitive

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Video Recording: Visit, See, Photograph, or Paint Grand Canyon, USA

Here is a VOA Special English program about plain air painting at the Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States of America.

Click here: Visit, See, Photograph, or Paint Grand Canyon, USA

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English Lesson of the Week: Parts of Speech: Pronouns (1st part)

English lessons differ from activities since they include both a text or multimedia component to study, as well as a practice / assessment piece designed to help the student increase knowledge.

Part 1 – Study the online lesson on Pronouns

Click Here: English Parts of Speech: Pronouns

Part 2 – After thoroughly studying, reviewing, and taking notes on Part 1, go over the following online exercises centered on pronouns.  Please  complete only the first 2 exercises per section since only allows visitors to access 20 exercises per day.  If you join our “PLATINUM Membership” or our “Online English Courses” you will receive unlimited access to all of the thousands of exercises has to offer.


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