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This website is designed to assist international English Learners of various levels of English fluency to practice and improve their English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in their day-to-day lives, aka “Survival English”, at school settings, aka “Academic English”, as well as at work, aka “Business English.”
English Online Academy encompasses a family of online edu-social communities, websites, and web tools with hundreds of thousands of international English Learner members. Created by I.E.Sersea, M.A., M.A.T. ( aka MaestroSersea ) an English Learner who moved from Bucharest, Romania, to the United States of America more than 32 years ago and became an English high school teacher and English as a Second Language college instructor, English Online Academy aims to provide opportunities for online and onsite English immersion and formal learning.
We aim to help English Learners from all over the world improve their English comprehension and communication skills, interact, collaborate, and make this world a better place.
Our English Online Academy Page on Facebook includes over 900,000 members from all over the world.
Our English Online Academy Group on Facebook fosters active learning and interaction among thousands of international English Learners.
You are highly encouraged to follow our English Online Academy Twitter Page, where you can access the thousands of educational posts we’ve been sharing since the very beginning.

We strongly encourage you to become an official member of English Online Academy: Become an English Online Academy Member – Register Now

We suggest you visit the following pages for more information and English learning support:
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3. English Online Academy English Activities
4. English Online Academy Educational Store
5. English Online Academy Onsite Courses
6. English Online Academy Events
7. English Online Academy News

For a complete list with links to all of English Online Academy website’s pages, sub-pages, categories, posts, and more, visit our English Online Academy SITEMAP Page.

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